Shareholder's General Meeting

Notice of meeting
Notice of Meeting
Proposal No.1
Aproval of Report and Accounts 2018
Appendix - Report and Accounts 2018
Proposal No. 2
Net profit appropriation
Proposal No 3
Appraise the company┬┤s management and auditing
Proposal No. 4
Remuneration and Compensation Policy
Proposal No. 5
Increase of the nunber of members of the BoD
Proposal No. 6
Election of BoD menbers
Proposal No. 7
Acquisition and sale of own shares
Proposal No. 8
Acquisition and sale of own bonds
Proposal No. 9
Acquisition and/or ownership of own shares by affiliated companies
Shareholder's general meeting key dates
Written voting paper
Minute for voting right by electronic means
Minute of an attendance letter
Minute of a representation letter of individual shareholders
Minute of a representation letter of corporate shareholder's
Minute for financial Intermediator
General meeting's preparatory information
Information on resolutions taken
Link for electronic voting
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